CAT6 external cable from Garland

Garland’s CAT6 heavy-duty external cable protects against harsh outdoor environments. The cable is jelly filled, steel wire armoured, and has a nylon barrier.

The cable has been uniquely designed to suit Australian environments and offers the protection of steel wire armour. With a hard nylon termite barrier and jelly filled water resistance, UTPL6JFSWANY is the solution to many outdoor category cabling concerns.

With Garland’s UTPL6JFSWANY, you can run underground cable between buildings. You can also connect external IP cameras to security systems and create robust industrial Ethernet applications. Additionally, the heavy-duty construction protects against termite and rodent attacks. It can also reduce accidental or reckless damage to your external category cabling. Make it your go-to CAT6 heavy-duty external cable.