Faster WLAN with existing cabling

Faster WLAN with Existing Cabling.

R&M releases Class EA installations for 25-Gigabit bandwidth. Favorable infrastructure for the next WLAN generation and distributed antenna systems.

They can use the existing cabling to increase bandwidth enormously in the future. This is of relevance for the forthcoming step from 10 to 25 Gigabit Ethernet in local data networks. Future wireless LAN generations and distributed antenna systems require the higher bandwidth for data traffic in buildings.

R&M’s shielded Cat. 6A RJ45 connection modules which have already been installed thousands of times are perfect for use with 25 Gigabit Ethernet. They have exceptional performance headroom, says R&M Market Manager LAN Cabling, Matthias Gerber. Today, clients often install the Cat. 6A RJ45 modules with shielded Cat. 7A AWG22 cables. «This combination satisfies the new standard for transmitting 25 Gigabit Ethernet over 30 meters. That means: The installation is future-proof. With existing cabling and connections, users can quickly get into the next fastest Ethernet generation,» says Matthias Gerber.