Underground cable range by Garland

Garland’s range of underground cable are designed to withstand the harsh Australian environment. The range includes Category, Coaxial, Figure 8, Security, Telephone and Optical Fibre underground cables.

The heavy duty external CAT 6 cable, UTPL6JFSWANY, offers the protection of steel wire armour. It also comes with a hard nylon termite barrier, and features jelly-filled water resistance.

Garland has access to local stock holdings, ensuring you the fast delivery that you would expect from one of Australia’s leading cable suppliers.

The underground cable range includes:

Category Cable

  • CAT 5e
  • CAT 6
  • CAT 6 Heavy Duty

Telephone Cables

  • 1/0.40mm External Telephone Jelly Filled
  • 1/0.64mm External Telephone Jelly Filled

Security Cables

  • 6 Core Jelly filled with a PE Sheath

Coaxial Cables

  • Coaxial RG6

Optical Fibre cables

  • External Loose Tube Range