Studio Technologies Announces New Dante® Bridge for Network Interconnection

The NEW Model 5482 Dante Bridge from Studio Technologies provides a high-performance means of interconnecting (“bridging”) Dante audio-over-Ethernet channels associated with two independent local-area-networks (LANs) or Dante domains.

The unit is compatible with the Dante Domain Manager™ (DDM) software application and is complaint with the AES67 technical standard. The Model 5482 allows up to 64 audio channels to pass in each direction. Internal sample rate conversion (SRC) capability provides sample rate, bit-depth, and timing conversion to ensure that audio signal integrity is maintained.

The Model 5482 is a sophisticated, networked audio device that can alleviate common challenges associated with LAN interconnectivity. In just a few minutes, users can ‘link’ independent audio networks, maintaining superior audio quality while supporting a range of operating parameters. Each of the Model 5482’s independent interfaces provide three Gigabit Ethernet network ports, allowing support for both switched and redundant Dante operation along with a separate management network connection.

Key Features Include:

  • Dante audio-over-Ethernet technology with AES67 support
  • Interconnects two LANs with up to 64 channels in each direction
  • 44.1, 48, 88.2, and 96 kHz sample rate support
  • Integrated Sample-Rate-Conversion (SRC) capability
  • Multiple Gigabit Ethernet interfaces allow Switched or Redundant Dante operation
  • AC mains and DC powering
  • Multiple status LEDs and graphics display
  • Lightweight enclosure, single rack-space (1U) mounting