TS Series – time saving cable installation solution

Save time and improve reliability with your next cable installation.

Garland’s TS Series for Category 5E, 6 and 6A applications offers a time saving and reliable cable connection, based on Keystone style jacks.

The TS Series includes:

  • Tool
  • Jacks
  • Unloaded Patch Panel

TS Series Jacks

The TS series jacks from Garland are designed to be easy to use, are available in all common configurations and additionally fit both Keystone and Clipsal Mech30 faceplates.
All eight wires in the jack can be terminated in one action by using the Garland TS series tool. This saves times and provides a more reliable termination. The TS Series will also accept termination using industry standard 110 and KRONE tools. TS series jacks are available in Cat6A , Cat6 and Cat5E unscreened versions as well as a screened Cat6A version.

TS Series Unloaded Patch Panel

The Garland unloaded keystone patch panel is designed to accept the TS series of keystone jacks. Made of heavy duty powder coated steel, it comes with all mounting hardware. This includes a rear cable management bar, cage nuts and mounting screws. The patch panel accepts both screened and unscreened jacks and comes in a modern black finish.

TS Series Tool

Garland’s TS series tool is designed to terminate and cut 8 wires on a TS series jack in one simple action. The ergonomic handle eases strain for the installer and eliminates the need for a holder or surface to rest the jack. A single action termination allows for faster installs and fewer faults. This saves both time and money. The preset cutting blade ensures that the cable ends are cut at the optimal length to prevent shorting of the cable on screened jacks. It also eliminates the need for a separate cable trimming operation. The one tool will accept both screened and unscreened jacks from Cat5E, all the way up to Cat6A.